Expo & Prototype Showcase

On Saturday, June 6, while teams are hard at work strategizing, designing, and building, we want to shine a spotlight on all of the wonderful social + civic efforts that are already taking place in the Austin community.

The Expo and Prototype Showcase will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 6.


Musical Performance: Resiliency and Response to Stressors and Shocks

Feast your eyes and ears on a performance by Dr. Thomas Echols. Datasets describing long-term stressors (drought, population growth) and short-term stessors (floods, wildfire, music festivals) are used to generate contours and structure for a durational electronic music performance.  The data is scaled and mapped so that the sound world is intentional and engaging, while also creating a sonic image of the city as seen through its experience and response to adversity.



With just a few lines of code, Clarify gives you the power to search and understand any audio and video from phone calls to news broadcasts to conference presentations.


Gridmates is the world’s first internet platform designed to end energy poverty. Simply put, Gridmates empowers individuals and corporations with the ability to give energy to those in need using their laptops or smart phones! Our first mission is to facilitate donations of energy for the operation of Community First! Village, developed by Mobile Loaves&Fishes, that provides affordable and sustainable living to 240 chronically homeless individuals! We are creating the world’s first community powered by crowdsourced energy! Join us!


Budget in a Box

Four volunteers from Open Austin created a web app to complement the City of Austin’s “Budget in a Box” community engagement tool. The app takes about two minutes to complete and allows participants to prioritize how taxpayer dollars are spent and invested. What services are important to you? Let the City know! Also, we’ll be taking notes on how we can improve this app and we’d love to hear how we can make it easier for you to engage on issues that matter to you. Visit budgetboxapp.com.



FWD.us’ mission is to mobilize the tech community to support policies that keep the American Dream achievable in the 21st century. We support comprehensive immigration reform, improving the quality of American education, and encouraging more investment in scientific innovation. To do so, we bring together a diverse group of organizers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. By mobilizing supporters through local chapters and online advocacy, we enable them to engage their elected leaders and win transformational policy changes.



Bloomfire exists to organize knowledge and expertise, and make it accessible and shareable with the people that need it most. Our easy-to-use, elegant software is used by thousands of employees at leading companies for social learning, customer service, and sales & marketing alignment. With Bloomfire, collaboration is easier, work gets done more efficiently, and employees and customers are more satisfied.

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Socrata is the global leader in software solutions that are designed exclusively for digital government. Socrata’s cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, supported by the Socrata Open Data Network and Socrata Partner Ecosystem, deliver unprecedented data-driven innovation and cost-savings for hundreds of public sector leaders and millions of their constituents around the world.

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RideScout is a mobile app that shows you real-time information about all transportation options that are available right now. Free and available on iOS and Android.


IBM Bluemix

Want to build a browser-based chat app that opens communication lines? Think the city needs help scaling its billions of requests every day? Does Nanna want you to build an app to track Austin music venues? IBM cloud development and deployment with Bluemix can help you develop, test and deploy quickly for many use cases. Use cognitive computing and internet of things within your apps. Come visit us at the IBM Sponsor table during the hackathon, tweet #BluemixATX and see http://ibm.biz/BluemixATX for free trial.