Without ideas and projects from the Austin community, we would have no hackathon. Our Project Champions have built apps, websites, online tools, prototypes. Don't be mistaken- you don't have to build a database or a web app to bring a project to our hackathon. As long as you have a plan to make Austin a better place to live, your project will be considered. 

Step 1: Submit Your Project by May 19th
Step 2: Final Projects will be announced on May 26th
Step 3: Pitch your project to Hackers on June 2-3 
Step 4: Hack your project from June 3-4

50 projects will be selected for ATX Hack for Change 2017, the most we've ever taken on! 

Project Newsletter

Project Pitch Schedule

Project Report Schedule

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Our projects are judged equally on: 

1) Execution 
2) Practicality

We want you to be creative, but we want our projects to have a real-world impact. Other criteria we take into consideration are the civic need, accessibility, sustainability, and originality of the project. Social progress is almost never expeditious, but we look forward to seeing which Austin issues will be "Most Hacked Forward" at ATX Hack for Change 2017.

If you have any questions about projects or the project submission process, please contact: info@atxhackforchange.org 

Total Breakdown

U.N. Global Goals Initiative

Here are our 2017 projects! Click here!

All of our projects this year will fall under the U.N. Global Goals Initiative. Check them out!

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