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June 3–5, 2016
St. Edward's University
3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704


For this event, a hacker is ANYONE looking to share their skills to make Austin a better place.


Thank you for sponsoring our event! All sponsor representatives have to register individually.


Parking Tips:
  • Parking is free
  • No curbside parking
  • No fire lane parking
  • Handicap parking is reserved
  • The Alumni Gym parking lot is the closest, and will fill quickly
  • Spots directly behind the Alumni Gym are reserved for catering

Alumni Gym


Alumni Gym

Saturday & Sunday

Munday Library

1st Floor

Munday Library

2nd Floor

Alumni Gym,


Alumni Gym,

Saturday & Sunday

Munday Library,

1st Floor

Munday Library,

2nd Floor


  • What are Hackers?

    There are many definitions flying around, but for us, a hacker is someone who tinkers with technology to explore new uses.

  • What is a Civic Hackathon?

    A civic hackathon is focused on hacking social good projects raised by the community and solved by the community; using technological volunteerism to support ideas that would not have had the resources to come to fruition on their own.

  • What is the National Day of Civic Hacking?

    A day where thousands of people from across the United States come together to collaboratively hack to improve their local community.

  • Is it free?

    Of course! Entry is free to all registered participants.

  • Is there food?

    Of course! We know you work hard throughout the weekend, so all your meals will be covered throughout the weekend. Don't worry, we have you covered on snacks.

  • Is there entertainment?

    It's a hackathon, but it's also still your weekend. Our kickoff event will have live music, and we have scheduled activities throughout the weekend to keep you active and engaged.

  • Is there somewhere to nap?

    We don't recommend snoozing for too long, but a short power nap can work wonders! The outside grassy area near the Munday Library is perfect for a quick rest.

  • Can I offer other skills?

    If you have them, we will take them! Whether you're a designer,  write copy, or are an expert on another integral skill, we're looking for you.

  • I'm not from Austin, can I attend?

    All are welcome! Let us know where you are from!

  • Can I bring my laptop?

    Yes please! With hundreds of attendees, we wish that we had enough laptops for everyone. We will have Wi-Fi and a dedicated library computer lab available for basic support.

  • Can I leave early?

    We can't stop you, but the success of projects rests on the shoulders of attendees and their project champions, so we hope that you can stay for the duration of the event and not leave your team in a lurch.

  • Do I have to work non-stop?

    We have physical activities like yoga and spin classes to keep you moving through the weekend on top of all of our snack and food breaks. We understand that it's a long haul, so please practice self-care and let us know if we can help you out!

  • Can I switch teams?

    Ideally, during the kickoff and team formation periods, you can switch between teams. However, once you have committed to a project, we request that you remain with your team - they will need you!

  • How will team formation work?

    On Saturday morning, you'll get the opportunity to pick your teams when you decide on the project you'd like to work on.

  • Who will be my Project Champion?

    You decide who that will be based on the project you choose. Give yourself ample time to get to know your project champion before you hear them pitch by attending the Friday kickoff event. Mingle and find out more about the projects you want to work on.

  • How does Intellectual Property Work at ATX Hack for Change?

    ATX Hack for Change submissions remain the intellectual property of the participants that develop them. Participants are encouraged to open source their projects (by using public Github repos). We believe this because these projects will all have the motivation of serving the greater good and we want to encourage innovation in this space. But it's not necessary to require projects to be open-source.