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Mission Statement

St Edward’s University's ATX Hack for Change mission is to confront the critical issues of society and to seek justice and peace. We strive for inclusiveness while empowering the community to seek solutions for the problems facing Austin. We believe anyone can hack and everyone has the right to a fulfilled life.

years of civic hacking

6 years

For the last five years St. Edward’s Office of Information Technology department has supported ATX Hack for Change. Each year, we seek diverse projects and hackers to join our efforts for social justice.

years of civic hacking

9 years

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Imagine what we can do over the next 5 years!

2018 Partners

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Dave Waldron

Six years ago, David Waldron arrived in Austin, Texas — and at St. Edward's University — with an idea: the city needed a space to combine its booming tech environment with its deep desire to do good. The ATX Hack for Change was born when Waldron and his partners paired the ambitious tech scene of Texas' weirdest city with the social justice mission of the university on the hilltop.

The work never ends, of course, and Waldron, the Vice President for Information Technology at St. Edward's, is perfectly happy with that. In his role at St. Edward's, he oversees an ever-widening portfolio of university technology, from networking and telecommunications to computer labs and technology-enhanced course design. Similarly, Waldron sees the role of ATX Hack for Change as one of continuous growth, attracting a wider variety of projects and creating a broader impact in the community.

our team!

Event Organizer

Ashley DiStefano

“I keep the whole team from going crazy”

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Event Organizer

Bailey Graham

“I design things and juggle anything that my team needs.”

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Event Director

Sarah Sharif

“I keep the magic going”

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Event Host: St. Edward’s University

This civic hackathon is hosted by St. Edward’s University ATX Hack for Change staff. We take pride in our community — who we are and what we can accomplish together.


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